How Online Shopping Enables Addiction

In our current day and age, online shopping has taken the world by storm. For, it’s oftentimes much easier to search for one particular item—and/or items—through the internet, rather than to look for each in store. Not only that, but everything is at the click of a finger, making it painless for one to filter through a number of factors—such as cost and color—while effortlessly adjusting it to his/her liking. Consequently, even though this is an efficient resource—when used in moderation—it can pose as a disadvantage for those who struggle with shopping addictions, as it allows them to make purchases right from home.

In turn, the first way that online shopping enables addiction is through the use of algorithm or advertisement. With this being said, we find that certain materials may appear in our browser—in the form of an advertisement—shortly after we have searched it. Due to the storing of such information, this can be a danger to those who see an item, and instinctively act on purchasing it, based on emotion. The visual alone can trigger one’s addiction, making it difficult for him/her to say no, and/or turn his/her head away because of the mood shift he/she might feel within that moment.

The second way that online shopping enables addiction is through the use of auto fill. For, this gives shoppers the opportunity to easily purchase with one click, a simple swipe, or thumb print. He/she can even store his/her credit or debit card information, and set whichever one he/she chooses as his/her default method of payment. As a result of such, this makes it even less of a challenge for one to buy an item, without first thinking of his/her actions—and/or the consequences that follow.

The third way that online shopping enables addiction is through sales and apps. It is through such that individuals can receive deal notifications on their phone of the latest sale going on at their favorite store, or in regards to an item that they may have been wanting for a prolonged amount of time. Unfortunately, this may cause problems for addicts as they might see such as an opportunity to save, but spend a substantial amount of money in response—more than they would have otherwise.

In conclusion, online shopping can serve as a useful tool, but can also cause harm to those who are compulsive buyers. That’s why it is important for individuals who struggle with some form of shopping addiction to be careful what they subject themselves to online. For, there are a variety of triggers that can affect them, making it hard for them to resist the urge—and/or temptation—to buy.

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